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Import data wordpress

31 Oct

Useful little checklist if you are having problems uploading sample data

Demo Content Fails: Seems Like An Error Has Occurred

Web Services Extensions – Missing Menu iiS7

24 Sep

Be sure to install the ISAPI Extensions and CGI components from Turn Windows Features On and Off (or server manager role management if you are using Longhorn server).  Once they are installed, the Isapi + CGI Restrictions icon should appear in the admin tool.

Another great move by Micro$oft

LAN computers can’t access company website with the internal DNS – Resolution with screenshots

16 Sep

LAN computers can’t access company website with the internal DNS – Resolution with screenshots

Situation: Our client is running Windows 2008 R2 as DC/DNS. Every thing works except they can’t access their website located in a
hosting company. They get “The webpage cannot be found”. However, if they replace the internal DNS ( that is also DC/DNS IP address) with
their ISP DNS, they can access the website. All inside computers with the internal DNS have this problem. They don’t have the problem to access other


1. nslookup can resolve the website.

2. No proxy, firewall and content filter to block the website.

3. We found the client created an DNS for the external domain as shown below. The fix is deleting the external domain. We do believe adding www.domain.org in the external DNS will fix the problem too.