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Apple Configurator 2 – How to use it!

16 Nov

0. In AC2.1, log in with your apple ID.

1. Prepare your ‘master’ iPad to be supervised.

2. Create new profile, with your wifi settings info.

3. Create new blueprint

4. Double click on your created blueprint to edit.

4.1 – Add apps (through your blueprint)

4.2 – Add profile (through your blueprint)

4.3 – Select Done

5. Apply your blueprint (with apps/profile) to your ‘master’ iPad

6. When finished, create folders on your ‘master’ iPad.

7. When done setting up your ‘master’ iPad,

8. Select your blueprint, right click on your blueprint, Apply – Backup (this will backup your ‘master’ iPad with all setting onto your blueprint.

9. Apply ONLY your blueprint to other iPads, as this blueprint will have, apps, profile and image of your ‘master’ iPad.

iOS 9 – Unable to Print via Papercut

19 Oct

What has changed in IOS9?

iOS9 shifts the way iOS devices have traditionally talked on a network by using IPv6 communication:
→Lots of hexadecimal numbers with colons in-between fe80::xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:b71d
if available before it uses IPv4 communication:
→The pattern of 4 of decimal numbers we have come to know 10.xxx.xxx.xxx

This includes IPv6 Link Local addresses if it possibly can, provided the infrastructure can support them.

So how does this affect PaperCut?

PaperCut uses one of the few constant things known about an iOS device, it’s IP address, to link jobs to users.
On an iOS 9 device, printed jobs present from the IPv6 address. However when logging on to the PaperCut app, the address presented is an IPv4 one, and we do not make the connection.
In many existing set-ups, this may not be a problem, as IPv6 may not be supported or the device may be iOS 8 or older, so we will only ever see an IPv4 address.
However if after upgrading to iOS9 you find that users report their jobs not showing up in the print queues to be released, you may find that iOS9 has found a way to use IPv6 on the network.

How do I get my devices printing again?

In most networks, we have found that turning off IPv6 will work around the issue, and restore the ability to print.
This is a relatively simple process that you only have to do on the interface the Mac uses to talk to the iOS devices. In the majority installations this is the Ethernet adapter on the Mac mini.

To disable IPv6on the Ethernet port:

There is no GUI option to disable IPv6, it must be done from a terminal session.
1. Launch Terminal
2. Type the following command:

networksetup -setv6off Ethernet

or for WiFi? is you use it

networksetup -setv6off wi-fi

3. Go to the system settings and verify the command has worked, you should be able to see an extra menu item called “off” with a tick against it.

“I still can not print” or “I need IPv6 on for my network”

If you can not disable IPv6 for any reason, support may have alternative workarounds that should allow iOS9 devices to print in your environment, please contact us for more information.

Location of Moviebox Downloads

12 Oct

On jailbroken device;


Cannot install profile on iPad

11 Sep

Strange issue I came across today trying to install a profile on a iPad, usually reserved to Apple Configurator issues

Turned out the user had two exchange accounts setup using the outlook and exchange mail options, once I removed the incorrectly setup outlook account the profile installed fine, it also resolved the ‘cannot receive email’ problem the user was having.

Happy days

Deleted Photos taking up space iOS

8 Sep
  1. Go to Settings
  2. Date & Time
  3. Untoggle “Set Automatically”
  4. Manually change the date back. For example, if today is March 15, 2015, choose August 1, 2014. (You can change it back once we’re done)
  5. Close out of that
  6. Open “Photos”
  7. Select “Albums”
  8. If, like me, you had already cleared out everything from the Camera Roll and “Recently Deleted” folder, you’ll smile to see that your “Recently Deleted” folder now has thousands of images back. Those are your phantom photos
  9. Open it, “Select” and start deleting
  10. Now, go back into Settings – General – Usage – Storage – Manage Storage – and you’ll notice your Photo & Camera isempty if you deleted everything

Lync Manual Settings

27 Apr

1.In the upper-right area of Lync 2010, click the Gear icon to open the Options page.
2.In the Lync – Options dialog box, click Personal.
3.Next to the sign-in address, click Advanced.
4.Make sure that Manual Configuration is selected and that the configuration values are exactly as follows:
◦Internal server name or IP address: sipdir.online.lync.com:443
◦External server name or IP address: sipdir.online.lync.com:443

Another take on iPads and MDM

17 Apr

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Lantronix – Printing for iOS

29 Jan