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Fatal Error generated when accessing areas of FMS

20 Oct

Fatal Error generated when accessing areas of FMS

This is usually a permissions issue where the user does not have create/write permissions for the directory path where the FMS SQL database is located eg: c:\program files\sims\fmssql or the user does not have permissions to the LOCKDIR directory containing the PDOXUSRS.NET file.


Make sure there is a LOCKDIR directory in the main Sims folder eg G:\Sims\Lockdir

Go to Start>Control Panel>BDE Administrator>Configuratation

Expand the tree to Configuration>Drivers>Native>Paradox

Set NETDIR to the directory as above eg G:\Sims\LOCKDIR

On the tree go to Configuration>System>Init


Delete any pdoxusrs.net files from the root of C:\

The workstation may need a reboot but this isn’t always necessary.

Capita FMS fatal error – Trying to Load Suppliers

6 Oct

1. Log in to the workstation as an Administrator.
2. Select Start | Run and enter regedit to open the Registry Editor.
3. Expand the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE tree.
4. Expand the SOFTWARE branch.
5. Right-click on Borland and select Permissions from the drop-down list.
6. Highlight Users.
7. Select Full Control and click the OK button.
8. Exit the Registry Editor window.

The following steps explain how to change the path of the PDOXUSRS.NET file:

1. Create a new folder in C:, e.g. C:\BDEShare, and copy the Pdoxusrs.net file into it.
2. Open the Windows Control Panel from the Start menu.
3. Double-click on BDE Administrator to open the BDE Administrator dialog.
4. Select the Configuration tab.
5. Expand the Configuration tree, then the Drivers tree, then the Native tree.
6. Highlight PARADOX and edit the NET DIR setting. Enter the path of the newly created
folder, e.g. C:\BDEShare.
7. Close the BDE Administrator window.
8. Ensure that all FMS users have Full Control permissions to the C:\BDEShare folder.