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Apple Configurator 2 Workflow

28 Apr

My Workflow:


1) Restore/Update a device

2) Prepare your device to a supervised state

3) Install any or all applications that you need for your backup

4) Apply application settings within the apps themselves if needed

5) Apply desired settings and restrictions as needed

6) Back up your supervised device

7) Build your blueprint (in no particular order): Modify device name and wallpaper as desired, add apps, add profiling, and set your blueprint to restore from the backup that you created.


Applying a blueprint that has supervised backup incorporated into it to an unsupervised device will make all subsequent devices supervised, with all of your settings intact.  During the process to apply the blueprint you’ll be prompted to restore and supervise devices.


Keep in mind that you can only create one backup from a specific device.  If you need to make a different backup you’ll need to grab a different device to do it. Good news is that you can apply a backup to a different device, modify the backup on that second device, and save it as another backup.