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Sims LDF File – Shrink!

16 Feb

Check to see if the SIMS database is in FULL recovery mode. Connect to the instance using management studio and open the properties of the SIMS database and go to the Options section. If it is, put it into SIMPLE mode. You can then right click the database and go to tasks and shrink the log file where you can release the used space. This should take it back down to around 1Mb in size.

FSMO Roles

16 Feb

Useful when you need to know which DC holds your rolesĀ 

Permissions for a single user access

28 Jan

The easiest way is to create on each user’s folder an ACL:

  • Do not inherit parent permissions.
  • The user has full control.
  • Administrators have full control.
  • Applied to this folder and all child files and folders.