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Take ownership without destroying perms

17 Sep

Unsupported Hardware Windows

24 Jul

Multiple ips on same machine

4 Oct

Upgrade Win 10 Home to Pro

9 May

This assumes you are eligible for hardware based entitlement to Win 10 PRO

Enter the default Windows 10 Pro product key:


Below message is shown


Click Start Upgrade, and after a few minutes, the system restarted. As soon as I connected to the Internet, the Windows activation process checked my hardware against Microsoft’s servers. Because this hardware was already recorded with a digital entitlement to Windows 10 Pro, I was activated immediately, without the need to enter a product key.

Index Network Drive – Spotlight Mac

20 Apr

Nice article which still works for El Capitan

Windows 10 – Installation Notes

22 Jan

This is just a rough draft at the moment, doesnt include notes on reg keys and image hacks or GPOS used to control desktop experience.

To add to image:

Yammer desktop notifier


After creating image using FOG

Add machine to domain either automatically or manually

Add domain users to local admin group

Login with domain user

Remove start tiles

Turn Domain Firewall Off

Accept Cortana defaults

Sign into Office, setup exchange

Set IE to default browser (required for childcare connect)

Install BDE (required for FMS to install correctly)

Install Sophos

Install Sims and FMS

Copy user data from old PC

Change security and maintenance settings

Turn system icons on or off – turn off action center

Turn off recently added apps

Setup Start Menu

Install SSL Cert



Look at setting up mandatory profile and potential roaming desktops for core set of users.




Prefer iPv4 over 6

8 Jan


Quick fix it tool available;

Replacement File Server

22 Dec

Great write up on quick and easy upgrade solution 🙂

Reset Admin Password with Hirens Boot CD

9 Sep