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Forcing Windows Server to recognise domain connection

26 May
  1. Go to Network Connections (from the Network and Sharing Center, click on “Change adapter settings”.)
  2. Go to the properties of one network connection marked as “Unidentified” but on the private LAN.
  3. Go to the properties for IPv4.
  4. Click the “Advanced…” button.
  5. Select the DNS tab.
  6. Enter your domain name into the text box for “DNS suffix for this connection:”.
  7. Disable and then enable the connection to get NLA to re-identify the location.

Powershell -Not Digitally Signed Error

16 Nov

Index Network Drive – Spotlight Mac

20 Apr

Nice article which still works for El Capitan

View open files Server 2012

8 Mar
On a Microsoft Windows 2012 R2 servers, follow these steps:
  1. Open the Server Management Console.
  2. Click Tools and then Computer Management.
  3. Click > next to “Shared Folders.”
  4. Click Open Files. …