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VMWare Fusion VMon mismatch

27 Feb

Credit for the fix –

1. Close VMware Fusion
2. Open the Terminal and execute:

sudo rm -rf /System/Library/Extensions/vmmon.kext

sudo cp -pR /Applications/VMware\ /System/Library/Extensions/

sudo kextutil /System/Library/Extensions/vmmon.kext

3. Exit Terminal and open Fusion again.

Now … you may run into an error message with the last command.
In that case you can try the following command, or like I had to do: reboot your Mac and try that last command again;

sudo kextunload /System/Library/Extensions/vmmon.kextd

VM stuck in a boot loop fix

28 Sep

Recently had a VM Stuck in boot loop due to Windows update not installing correctly, fixed it by mounting the server2012.iso and running the following command.


Server Boot Loop Fix

BSOD after converting from Hyper V to VMWARE

7 Aug

Changing LSI_SAS to 0 worked for me, original guide below;

VMWare P2V tool – Stuck at 1%

31 Jul

When using the standalone convertor make sure you use “run as administrator”.

VPXUSER continually downloading

9 Sep

I had the same problems. vpxuser tries to download a new config for your VM.


To fix this problem:

  1. go to your VM and set the Permission for the user “vpxuser” on no acces.
  2. then go in your VM setting and replace all adapter with a new one
  3. check all VM settings if they are correct
  4. give the vpxuser the permission back
  5. look if the problem is solved

Replacement File Server

22 Dec

Great write up on quick and easy upgrade solution 🙂

Default VMWare Username and Passwords

17 Dec

Great resource, still scares me how many sysadmins dont change these!