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Change screenshot location – OSX Mojave

27 Nov


Check if domain is available

26 Nov



External sender warning message

9 Nov



Meraki – Airprint across VLANS

26 Oct

Web based Internet connection tool

25 Oct

Player Connection Error – Plex Samsung TV

7 Oct

Set secure connections to disabled and this will resolve the issue for you 🙂


Screen Shot 2018-10-07 at 17.33.50

Delete icloud account from mac

22 Aug

Had an old mac which I couldn’t log into with a couple of accounts.

Lots of different scenarios around icloud acccounts but mine was I need to gain access to the mac and delete the old icloud account from the mac.

Enter recovery mode, I was using a windows keyboard so (Windows key +R)

Open Terminal and type “resetpassword”

Reset passwords for all of the accounts one of which had admin access

Logged in with reset account opened system preferences and reset icloud account password to local for the mac

Can now delete the account