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Top Menu Greyed Out in Word for Mac 2011

16 Jul

Perhaps you are working with documents saved in old file formats. If you see the words “Compatibility Mode” in the title bar of the document window, that means you are working in the old format.

While working in the old format, commands that might introduce incompatible content are disabled. Updating a file to the current format will turn on all the disabled features. Use File > Convert Document to update an old (.doc) format file.

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Also you can try going to View menu> Toolbars. Hit reset.

Unlock Word for Mac 2011 Files

16 Jul

You can right click them > Get Info > uncheck Locked under General.

Word for Mac 2011 – Cannot Save

16 Jul

Go to Finder, then to your User folder, hold down the option key, then click on go on the menu bar (this action will un-hide the Library button). From there Library, go to Application Support then Microsoft, then Office, then User Templates. Once there, Locate the file labeled “” and rename it to “normal.docx”.

If the problem persists try to uninstall and reinstall Office.

Disable Restore Windows

15 May

How to disable the Restore Previous Windows Functions in the MAC OS

  1. Close all Word documents if you can
  2. Click on the Apple symbol and select System Preferences.
  3. Select General in the window that opens.
  4. Ensure that Restore windows when quitting and re-opening apps. Underneath, you will also have an option that allows you to select a number of documents to open. I change this figure to zero. Save the changes.
  5. Now you will need to click on the Apple symbol and System Preferences again. This time, choose Shut down.
  6. Deselect the checkbox beside Reopen windows when logging back in. Complete Shut Down and Restart.
  7. Upon restart,  try launching Word again. This time it should just open up the new document screen.