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Meraki – Airprint across VLANS

26 Oct

Meraki – Location Services Greyed Out

11 Jun


28 Feb

just disable the safe search settings

How to make a DEP Registered iPad Supervised

5 Dec
  1. Enter device serial number into DEP at (You only have to do this once in the device’s life).
  2. In Meraki, navigate to “SystemsManager>MDM>DEP”. Your device should have appeared automatically.
  3. In Meraki>MDM>DEP, select the check-box next to your desired device and then click “Assign Settings” at the top of the device list (Settings are configured via “SystemsManager>MDM>Settings”).
  4. From the device itself, Erase All Content and Settings (Alternatively, you can use Configurator to restore a backup at this point. This process also wipes the device).
  5. From the device, proceed through the initial configuration screens. One of the screens will ask if you would like to apply settings from the MDM (“SoandSo can automatically configure your iPad: Apply Configuration/Skip Configuration”). Select ApplyConfiguration and then click Next. Complete your setup.
  6. Everything should be happy now. Meraki should list the device as Supervised, and the device Settings>General>About should have an message stating the device is supervised just underneath the device name. If you ever want to reconfigure the device, just push the Settings again from Meraki, wipe the device and then accept the Settings.

Short Version:

  1. Enter serial into DEP
  2. Apply settings from Meraki
  3. Wipe device
  4. Complete device config and accept settings

It has taken me quite a bit of time to get comfortable with iPad management through Meraki, but I wont go into all of the perils. I will say that things actually become more complex with Configurator (more parts, more problems). Fortunately, what you are trying to do is fairly straight forward, and it shouldn’t take very long to get the hang of it.

You can also reference this page, if you haven’t already:’s_Device_Enrollment_Program_(DEP)_with_Systems_Manager