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DNS Configuration on DC

7 Oct
How we should Configuere DNS on our DC :–>

Every DNS server should Point to its own IP as a primary DNS and DNS located in remote site as a secondary DNS in

TCP/IP properties
All the unused NIC’s to be disabled
Valid DNS Ip from ISP to be configuered in DNS forwarders Do not configuere local DNS in forwarders
Public DNS IP’s Should not be used at any NIC Card except Forwarders
Domain Controllers should not be multi-homed
Running VPN server and RRas server makes the DC multihomed refer;en-us;272294

If anything above is incorrect please correct it and run “ipconfig /flushdns & ipconfig /registerdns ” and restart

DNS service using “net stop dns & net start dns”

DNS best practices

Checklist: Deploying DNS for Active Directory

Also some further discussion on the issue can be found here

LAN computers can’t access company website with the internal DNS – Resolution with screenshots

16 Sep

LAN computers can’t access company website with the internal DNS – Resolution with screenshots

Situation: Our client is running Windows 2008 R2 as DC/DNS. Every thing works except they can’t access their website located in a
hosting company. They get “The webpage cannot be found”. However, if they replace the internal DNS ( that is also DC/DNS IP address) with
their ISP DNS, they can access the website. All inside computers with the internal DNS have this problem. They don’t have the problem to access other


1. nslookup can resolve the website.

2. No proxy, firewall and content filter to block the website.

3. We found the client created an DNS for the external domain as shown below. The fix is deleting the external domain. We do believe adding in the external DNS will fix the problem too.

DNS issue – Cannot access company website internally

16 Sep

You can create a new primary zone for your Website (different from the external one) named as an example and then create a A record (empty one) for your web server.

Like that you will be sure that there is no conflits.

Please create an A record named “www” in the DNS forward lookup zone pointing to the internal ip address of the webserver.