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Turn off Autocorrect – OSX

24 Nov
If you’ve decided that you no longer want to use Auto-Correction in OS X, follow these steps:
  1. Open System Preferences (choose Apple > System Preferences).
  2. Choose Keyboards.
  3. Click the Text tab.
  4. Deselect the tick in Correct Spelling Automatically.

Apple Configurator 2 – How to use it!

16 Nov

0. In AC2.1, log in with your apple ID.

1. Prepare your ‘master’ iPad to be supervised.

2. Create new profile, with your wifi settings info.

3. Create new blueprint

4. Double click on your created blueprint to edit.

4.1 – Add apps (through your blueprint)

4.2 – Add profile (through your blueprint)

4.3 – Select Done

5. Apply your blueprint (with apps/profile) to your ‘master’ iPad

6. When finished, create folders on your ‘master’ iPad.

7. When done setting up your ‘master’ iPad,

8. Select your blueprint, right click on your blueprint, Apply – Backup (this will backup your ‘master’ iPad with all setting onto your blueprint.

9. Apply ONLY your blueprint to other iPads, as this blueprint will have, apps, profile and image of your ‘master’ iPad.

Fix unable to join Wi-Fi in OSX El Capitan

2 Oct

If you find yourself unable to join ANY wifi network simple boot with option key held down, connect to your wifi (youll need to enter your key)….all should now be working

Image Macbook Air’s – Deploystudio

18 Sep

Install DeployStudio Server on  Macbook Air and run DeployStudio Assistant to create a new .nbi file

Once this is complete copy that to Library/NetBoot/NetBookSP0/ on the server that is used as the DeployStudio Server.

You will now be able to boot holding the option key and deploy out the image using either thuderbolt to ethernet or WIFI

VNC using Screen Sharing on OSX

15 Sep

The built-in Screen Sharing application on OS X is a VNC client that can send Ctrl-Alt-Del:

Laptop keyboard: fn+control+command+delete

Full-size keyboard: control+option+delete

Install SSL Cert with Meraki

15 Sep

MDM–>Profiles–> Add New Profile—> mobile profile. Then I went to MDM—>Settings —> Credentials –>Add a new credential –> filled Name,Password, (and selected) certificate.

Cannot install profile on iPad

11 Sep

Strange issue I came across today trying to install a profile on a iPad, usually reserved to Apple Configurator issues

Turned out the user had two exchange accounts setup using the outlook and exchange mail options, once I removed the incorrectly setup outlook account the profile installed fine, it also resolved the ‘cannot receive email’ problem the user was having.

Happy days

Deleted Photos taking up space iOS

8 Sep
  1. Go to Settings
  2. Date & Time
  3. Untoggle “Set Automatically”
  4. Manually change the date back. For example, if today is March 15, 2015, choose August 1, 2014. (You can change it back once we’re done)
  5. Close out of that
  6. Open “Photos”
  7. Select “Albums”
  8. If, like me, you had already cleared out everything from the Camera Roll and “Recently Deleted” folder, you’ll smile to see that your “Recently Deleted” folder now has thousands of images back. Those are your phantom photos
  9. Open it, “Select” and start deleting
  10. Now, go back into Settings – General – Usage – Storage – Manage Storage – and you’ll notice your Photo & Camera isempty if you deleted everything

Duplicate Users in OSX

4 Sep

Mac OS X has a template for users, it’s located in /System/Library/User Template/.lproj (in most cases, will be English.) In that folder, there’s the whole basic structure of a user directory.
These folders only can be read/written by root, so you have to access it in a root shell.

If you want to use the “copy home directory method”, you could do this:
1. Create a new user.
2. Copy the sub-folders you need of your current ~/Library to the new one; especially you’ll probably need to copy the folders Application Support (data from apps) and Preferences (app preference files), and delete unwanted stuff from it afterwards.

Papercut Secondary Server

12 Aug

Check DNS settings of Mac, especially if a .local domain