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Microsoft Remote Desktop – Question Mark OSX

21 Mar

If you are on El Captian and have updated to the March 18 2016 Microsoft RDP update you will notice the dock icon you probably have will no longer work.

Some muppet at Microsoft has renamed the app to “microsoftremotedeskop” without any spaces. Simply remove from dock, reopen from your application folder and all will be well…..

Excel 2016 freezes on Win 10 – FIX

9 Mar

[FIX] Microsoft Excel 2016 Has Stopped Working On Windows 10

View open files Server 2012

8 Mar
On a Microsoft Windows 2012 R2 servers, follow these steps:
  1. Open the Server Management Console.
  2. Click Tools and then Computer Management.
  3. Click > next to “Shared Folders.”
  4. Click Open Files. …