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Java in Chrome

24 Nov



Turn off Autocorrect – OSX

24 Nov
If you’ve decided that you no longer want to use Auto-Correction in OS X, follow these steps:
  1. Open System Preferences (choose Apple > System Preferences).
  2. Choose Keyboards.
  3. Click the Text tab.
  4. Deselect the tick in Correct Spelling Automatically.

Hand Dryer Installation

20 Nov

For ‘hands under’ hand dryers including high speed and conventional hand dryers the following applies:

From the air outlet to the floor:

  • Men’s washrooms – 1170 mm
  • Women’s washrooms – 1120 mm
  • Children’s washrooms, ages 4-7 – 810 mm
  • Children’s washrooms, ages 7-10 – 910 mm
  • Children’s washrooms, ages 10-13 – 1020 mm
  • Children’s washrooms, ages 13-17 – 1120 mm
  • Disabled Mounting Height – 940mm

For ‘blade’ hand dryers such as the mitsubishi jet towel or the Dyson Airblade the following heights are recommended:

Align the top of the hand dryer above the floor to:

  • Male – 1050 mm
  • Female – 975 mm
  • Child/Disabled – 875 mm

Please note that blade hand dryers require different levels of clearance space in order to access the drip tray or other servicable parts. Please consult the manufacturers instructions.

Apple Configurator 2 – How to use it!

16 Nov

0. In AC2.1, log in with your apple ID.

1. Prepare your ‘master’ iPad to be supervised.

2. Create new profile, with your wifi settings info.

3. Create new blueprint

4. Double click on your created blueprint to edit.

4.1 – Add apps (through your blueprint)

4.2 – Add profile (through your blueprint)

4.3 – Select Done

5. Apply your blueprint (with apps/profile) to your ‘master’ iPad

6. When finished, create folders on your ‘master’ iPad.

7. When done setting up your ‘master’ iPad,

8. Select your blueprint, right click on your blueprint, Apply – Backup (this will backup your ‘master’ iPad with all setting onto your blueprint.

9. Apply ONLY your blueprint to other iPads, as this blueprint will have, apps, profile and image of your ‘master’ iPad.