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Cannot install profile on iPad

11 Sep

Strange issue I came across today trying to install a profile on a iPad, usually reserved to Apple Configurator issues

Turned out the user had two exchange accounts setup using the outlook and exchange mail options, once I removed the incorrectly setup outlook account the profile installed fine, it also resolved the ‘cannot receive email’ problem the user was having.

Happy days

Reset Admin Password with Hirens Boot CD

9 Sep

How to Join Computer to a Domain (When DNS name does not exist)

8 Sep

Useful article

Deleted Photos taking up space iOS

8 Sep
  1. Go to Settings
  2. Date & Time
  3. Untoggle “Set Automatically”
  4. Manually change the date back. For example, if today is March 15, 2015, choose August 1, 2014. (You can change it back once we’re done)
  5. Close out of that
  6. Open “Photos”
  7. Select “Albums”
  8. If, like me, you had already cleared out everything from the Camera Roll and “Recently Deleted” folder, you’ll smile to see that your “Recently Deleted” folder now has thousands of images back. Those are your phantom photos
  9. Open it, “Select” and start deleting
  10. Now, go back into Settings – General – Usage – Storage – Manage Storage – and you’ll notice your Photo & Camera isempty if you deleted everything

Duplicate Users in OSX

4 Sep

Mac OS X has a template for users, it’s located in /System/Library/User Template/.lproj (in most cases, will be English.) In that folder, there’s the whole basic structure of a user directory.
These folders only can be read/written by root, so you have to access it in a root shell.

If you want to use the “copy home directory method”, you could do this:
1. Create a new user.
2. Copy the sub-folders you need of your current ~/Library to the new one; especially you’ll probably need to copy the folders Application Support (data from apps) and Preferences (app preference files), and delete unwanted stuff from it afterwards.

Exa SSL Cert on iMacs

3 Sep

Install SSL cert for EXA networks on iMac

Install certificate as per usual

Double click on certificate and change trust settings to always trusted