Enable Email Notifications in Papercut

26 Feb

Configuring Email Notifications

Before sending notifications via email, the system needs to know the SMTP server to deliver emails to. The SMTP server can be internal or external to your organization however it must allow forwarding of emails to your users. The SMTP server will typically be the same server that users set in their email application to send emails.

To set the SMTP server:

  1. Navigate to OptionsNotifications.
  2. Find the Email Options section.
  3. Enter the SMTP server in the field provided.
  4. It is also recommended that the subject and from address are changed to be applicable for your environment.
  5. Press the Apply button.

The following advanced SMTP configuration settings are also available in the configuration editor (see the section called “Using the Config Editor”).

Name Description
notify.smtp.enable-tls Set to Y to enable STARTTLS, or N to disable it. STARTTLS is for connecting to an SMTP server port using a plain (non-encrypted) connection, then elevating to an encrypted connection on the same port.
notify.smtp.port The port to connect to on the SMTP server. Common ports include 25 or 587 for SMTP, and 465 for SMTPS.
notify.smtp.username Username for SMTP authentication. Commonly an email address.
notify.smtp.password Password for SMTP authentication.
notify.smtp.debug Produces extra SMTP related logging for troubleshooting.

Table 15.6. Advanced email notification (SMTP) settings


Anti-virus software running on the PaperCut server can block/disallow SMTP connections because it attempts to block spam sent by viruses and trojans. Ensure that any anti-virus software is configured to allow PaperCut to make SMTP connections (e.g. add an exception or disable the SMTP blocking).

When anti-virus is blocking email delivery PaperCut NG will log errors like: Mail server connection failed. Software caused connection abort.. These errors are displayed in the application log or on-screen when performing email notification tests.

If there are other SMTP connection problems, you should check that your firewall allows SMTP connections, and that your SMTP server is configured to accept connections from the PaperCut server.

Email Notification Configuration Examples

Name Value
SMTP server Your internal SMTP server hostname.
notify.smtp.enable-tls N
notify.smtp.port 25
notify.smtp.username Blank.
notify.smtp.password Blank.


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